Who can fill in the blanks?


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Dec 11, 2006
The administrative chain of command:

President of the United States:
Secretary of Defense:
Secretary of Navy:
Chief of Naval Operations:

United States Naval Academy

Commandant of Midshipmen:

So what is this, eh?
a Reef Point Quiz for posters???

George W. Bush
President of the US


Admiral Michael G. Mullen
Chief of Naval Operations

The Honorable Donald C. Winter
Secretary of the Navy

Robert Gates
Secretary of Defense
The administrative chain of command:

President of the United States: President George W. Bush
Secretary of Defense: Honorable Robert Gates
Acting Secretary of Navy: Honorable Donald C. Winter
Chief of Naval Operations: Admiral Michael G Mullen, USN
United States Naval Academy Superintendent: RADM Jeffrey L. Fowler, USN
Commandant of Midshipmen: Captain Margaret D. Klein, USN

I think this is up to date.
OK, so a 2010 and 2011 parent has weighed in
where are the other Class parents, eh??
gonna post along with us so it doesn't look like we're bilge-ing you all!:shake:
(Too scared to post 'til after NAPS graduation 5/18 -- it's so amazing to me that son's so close to his dream that I'm afraid of jinxing it!)

(Parentheses will protect him, right?)
I would be a fool to try and post after you guys. Looks good to me!

NCM- sending many parentheses your way (along with a few prayers)!:biggrin:
Paren's no more! Thank you for your kind thoughts, Peske Mom.

Son is a NAPS grad and the proud holder of one of those beautiful blue leather folders. Inside is THE letter. Now I have to figure out how to be a smart USNA parent. Many of you have set the bar mighty high.