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    Hello Everyone!
    After reading some of the threads on this website and seeing the caliber of people who apply to the USAFA, I began to wonder why? Why so many bright and talented people from across the country would want attend the USAFA? What drew you to apply to this school?

    For me, it was the pursuit of becoming a pilot for the Air Force. I work aircraft maintenance for the Air Force and it is a good job, but I don't see myself fixing airplanes for a living. I see myself flying airplanes. So, instead of trying to commission from enlisted to officer through OTS, I thought why not apply to the USAFA. I work pilots everyday and a significant amount of them are USAFA graduates. So I applied and I am still playing the waiting game.

    What is your story?
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    I've always had a passion for flying which led me to join the Civil Air Patrol my freshman year of high school. Those experiences quickly led me to discovering my passion in the military. AFA has been my dream since!
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    That thread that buffalo mentioned has some good stories. My long story short, which is also in that thread, I have had this driving passion to help folks and it got stronger when both my parents ended up with forms of PTSD. It makes things really hard for my family and so I decided I wanted to be there to help families in my situation. I also wanted to enlist to serve my country but after a long thought and uphill battle, I decided the USAFA was the best way to be an Airmen and get a degree in clinical psychology to help military personel and their families that are impacted by mental illnesses.
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    Before I found out about USAFA, I kept my grades up because I didn't know what I wanted to do yet, but didn't want to be limited when I decided. Now, I am so glad I did. I found out about USAFA late in my freshman year, and very quickly decided it was what I wanted to do. I have several family members who served or still are serving, and I wanted to continue the legacy, to help preserve the freedom they worked for. Like mroberts, I joined CAP and was able to learn about the military more and loved it!
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