WI Nom Thread


May 17, 2015
I know it's unlikely that anyone would know, but do the WI senators do primary nominations, or is it just 10 unranked nominees?
I do not have experience with the senators nominations I do have experience with WI nominations though. I was nominated last year and this year, last year I was unranked and this year I received a principal nomination. If they did not specify you usually have no way of knowing. I was told specifically I received a principal this year. You may be able to reach out to your USMA rep and ask.
I got in contact with Senators Baldwin and Johnson's offices and neither offer primary nominations as they feel that they "don't have all the information" about us candidates to make such a decision. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner's rep also finally got back to me and informed me that he indeed does do primary nominations and they would go out sometime around New Years.
Well good luck to you! I'm down in Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's district. Do not fear if you don't get the primary, I know many kids who decided not to got to the academy and someone farther down on the list got their slot.