Wikileaks and SMCs

Discussion in 'Publicly and Privately Funded Military Colleges' started by NorwichDad, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Although I am a supporter of Norwich, I commend and thank all of the SMCs and those who have, are and wish to serve our country. Just wondering how are the various schools passing down about Wikileaks. My son at Norwich has had a lot of education this year about the responsibilities of access of available classified info on the internet.
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    Yeah we got a nice long message on the my.norwich, the ROTCs all addressed it especially to their contracted Cadets/Mids, and I think the NUCC team site had a message as well, all of it basically said, beware, just because that info was released doesnt mean it needs to be read or something along those lines
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    Anyone who falls under UCMJ could technically be prosecuted for accessing the military doc's on wikileaks.

    The reason for that: those files are still considered classified and you would be accessing information that you don't have clearance & a need to know for.

    I know the Navy has passed many messages on just this topic. If you don't fall under UCMJ then not much they can do. (although I'm sure SMC's could institute a rule if they so desired)
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    We got a memo passed down from HQ AFROTC. There was no threat of prosecution since, you're right, we dont fall uder UCMJ. But they made it clear that looking at wikileaks would jeapordize our security clearances, without which we cant commission.

    As far as SMC-specific policies - VT hasnt said anything about it.

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