Will BOLC start date affect civilian employment?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by fxrocks8, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Recently I got a great civilian job offer/conditionally accepted in the event I dont get AD. As of now I'm waiting for background/drug test to get processed to make it offical. However I am to leave for BOLC just a month after my start date for my civilian job. Am I protetced under federal law to where my employer cannot take away my job offer, just because I have to leave for BOLC so soon after I start? This job was really hard to get, so I don't want to mess it up after all my efforts.

    Also is it possible to get my BOLC date pushed back? Ideally I would like this, so that I can get a few months of work expirence in my civilain gig before I leave for BOLC.

    Thanks in advance everyone!
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    How do you know your BOLC date if you don't even know if you are AD, AR, or NG? NVM...just read your post in another thread. Your reserve unit sent you BOLC orders.

    Talk to your reserve unit or PMS regarding changing the BOLC date.
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    You question is a little confusing, if you did get AD and want to push back your start date call up your branch manager. This is not guarenteed but you can ask. The contact information is listed by branch on AKO.
    If you are going reserves, which is what it sounds like, this is even easier because yes your job is protected. They can't fire your for doing military training. So you can either contact your reserve unit and ask to push back your BOLC which I have seen people do. Or you can go to BOLC and when you get back start your job. Talk to your unit S1 about getting your date pushed back.

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