Will DODMERB contact candidate's primary doctor?

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    We are first time parents when it comes to service academy application. Our son's application is complete, and he received a nomination from Congressman in the beginning of January. He also completed a medical examination in the second week of January, and there was nothing of concern, but I was surprised they did not do a blood test or urinalysis, I thought that was part of the medical exam. Currently, the status on his Dodmerb portal states it is under review.

    Does the review involve contacting our son's primary doctor/pediatrician ... for further information or history, or is their review based solely on the medical exam that they did a few weeks ago?

    Appreciate your response.
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    For now the focus will be only on the DoDMERB/Concorde exam. It is pretty common that the blood and urine tests are not always administered nowadays.

    If there is any question or a need for more information, then your DS will be notified with a request for more information or a "remedial." If and when that happens, you might need to involve your DS's physician/pediatrician.

    Until that happens it is just hurry up and wait!
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