Will Dodmerb let me test if I failed Meps?

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    Ok let me give you some background information. I was born with high frequency hearing loss. When I turned 18 I signed up for the Army National Guard. I went to MEPS and passed everything with fling colors got a 84 on my ASVAB, but I failed my hearing test. I was classified as a H2. My recruiter said it's not a big deal will send in a waiver and everything should be good. My unit accepted me 19D but after waiting 3 months my hearing waiver came back denied permanently DQ. My recruiter was shocked, but there was nothing he could help me with after that. I don't understand why it came back PDQ instead of just DQ I'm only a H2 not a H3 or H4. Anyway I will be attending College in a couple weeks and I joined the ROTC program I'm not on contract. I talked to the Col and explained the situation I'm in and he said just stick with the program and will see how you do and the summer after your sophomore year you can go to Dodmerb. Well my question to you guys is when I go to Dodmerb will I even be allowed to test or are they going to say no you failed Meps? I know the Meps physical is only valid for 2 years, well by the time I go to Dodmerb after my sophomore year it will be more then two years. I want nothing more then to serve my country and follow in my Grandfathers footsteps.

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