Will I get accepted

justin_S, thanks for the info. Based on you feedback, we are looking/hoping for Prep school offer.

From reading tons of information out on the web and posts here, the majority of prep school appointments are reserved for "a red shirt" year for the D1 athletes and a method to help back fill the required quotas. If you fall in either category you have a great shot at the prep route. If you do not fall into either of those categories , a good starting point would a 32+ ACT and 4.0+ GPA, below that is a very steep uphill battle.

Unfortunately, my DS does not meet the above criteria so most likely it's a declination but will hold out for hope until we get the TWE. Plan C is locked in.

Thanks Christcorp for the paulryan link; my DS's stats below provide a little more hope.
  • SAT Math (mid 50%), English (25%)
  • ACT Math (mid 50%), English (25%)
  • Class Rank Top 20%: 74% selected
  • Presidential Nomination: 7% selected
  • JROTC: 15% selected
  • Minorities Asian: 9% selected
  • Male selected: 72% selected
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