will my CFA be accepted


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Nov 3, 2008
I scored the following on my CFA today and I am wondering if i should submit these scores or retake :

Bball throw - 54
Pull Ups - 15
Shuttle Run - 10.1
Situps - 70
Push ups - 44
Mile - 7:22

I'm worried most about the push ups and Bball throw, is this acceptable? I have an LOA and nomination, all i need is the CFA.
Maybe redo it - this saturday?

I would maybe get the running up too :smile:
You have an LOA - you just need to pass the CFA. What you should do is call the admissions office and speak to your regional admissions officer. Tell him your scores and he can advise you accordingly.

You will have to take the APFT the first week of beast and each semester after. Your pushups are not a passing score and making a passing score is not acceptable at West Point.
Even if - your CFA is passing (I am not saying it is) you have some work to do. Fortunately you have many months to get in the excellent shape required to successfully complete cadet basic training. Do it.