Will submitting better SAT scores later in SLE application help?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by ashwolf22101, Feb 25, 2018.

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    I took the my first SAT last September, and I used those scores for my SLE application. However, I got a pretty average score (1240) and I am worried that this will not get me accepted. I have been studying a lot for the next SAT (which is on March 10th). Assuming I get a much better score, will this help me be accepted into SLE by the time I submit these new scores (March 17th)?
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    My answer for you is that it’s irrelevant whether it will help you get into SLE or not. Acceptance to SLE = objective. Appointment to USMA = goal. Service to the Nation = ultimate goal.

    In fact, my #1 piece of advice for you is to send all of your improved scores ASAP even if your SAT improvement is only 10 points.

    My #2 piece of advice is to stop taking the SAT after this next one and see if you do better on the ACT. I have a feeling you will.
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