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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by storm88, May 16, 2012.

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    My son was DoDMERB qualified for USMA, USCGA and AROTC this past fall. Was rejected at USCGA, QNS for USMA and AROTC...until today. Offered a 4 year AROTC scholarship today directly from the Battalion of his #2 choice school. Somehow, they have extra money to play with.

    After initially being rejected by AROTC, and assuming he was out of the running for any scholarship, he decided to go to the doctor to get some lower back pain checked out. He found out he has a small bulging disc in his back...not a big deal, but had an mri and is going to PT and a chiropractor.

    He wants to take the scholarship, as he was planning on this for the past year. Will this type of thing show up on his permanent medical record, thus DQ'ing him from ROTC? Again , he has already passed the DoDMERB exam.

    He has to let them know by the end of the week whether or not he wants the scholarship, so any immediate suggestions are welcomed.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Take it!

    Accept the scholarship, there's no obligation until you officially contract. If you find out later on that he is no longer qualified, you'll just have to go back to the plan you had before you found out he received one. Better to have it in hand, inform DoDMERB of the new condition, and hope for the best. If he's still qualified great, if not, try a waiver, if that doesn't work then at least you'd have exhausted all your options. IMO you should hold onto that scholarship until you know for SURE that you can't have it. Good luck

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