Withdraw the transfer

To make a long story short, I go to a four year college and did NROTC. I had to drop it due to having missed the freshman class requirement. This was the first year of NROTC at my school. I immediately started applying to USMMA and was in contact with the soccer coach. I soon got mono and fell into a whole. After working towards digging myself out a close family friend died. I feel like I realistically cannot come back from this. I was a good student in high school and meet the academic requirements of usmma (according to prep scholar) and I recieved three nominations to USNA. Does it make sense to withdraw this semester, put together a solid application, transfer to the school my grandmother teaches at, then send in a a report card of As from that semester at the February deadline?


I would love to help advise, but I’m honestly having a hard time following your story. Perhaps it’s because you are trying to “long story short” it. It sounds like you currently have nominations to USNA, but have applied to USMMA. And also dropped out of NROTC.

What does transferring to a school your grandmother teaches at accomplish and why?

Aside from not following/understanding what you are saying or doing, I will comment that you have really been through a lot. And decisions made when you are distressed or having a hard time are not always the best ones. Do you have a trusted adult you can discuss your situation with? Maybe even a counselor at school? I’m not sure what the answer for you would or will be, but would strongly advise you to talk to someone. And think about it before deciding. I hope the best for you!! Maybe clarifying your situation will allow people with more experience to better advise you. Just make sure you have thought it all carefully and are making a decision that isn’t “just giving up”.