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    Hey everyone, I'm a senior in high school and received an LOA and a nom and am just wondering if I will be able to workout often. For years, I have waken up at 4:30 to run and lift weights before school. From other posts it sounds like some companies hold workouts and some do not so I am a little worried about not having enough time to continue exercising as much. Any guidance would be helpful.
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    It's called time management. Some companies PT in the mornings. For the most part PT is up to you. There is time to workout but it's up to you to manage your schedule. Depending on what sport you do (D1, club or intramurals) will drive your schedule after class. D1 or club your PT will mostly come at lengthy practices and off season conditioning. Intramurals you will have the most free time to workout on your own. You also have free periods, mornings you don't have PT or come arounds, and after class to get workouts in during the week. There is plenty of time to workout daily if you manage your schedule properly.

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