Worried, How do I look?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by usnatwenty15, May 20, 2010.

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    May 20, 2010
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    Hey everyone, I just received my first SAT scores :eek:. I'm just a little worried about how heavily the Naval Academy emphasizes on the scores. I received a 1780, with a breakdown of 680 on math, 540 on reading, and 560 on writing. But I feel that my other credentials are very strong: How do I look?

    Ranked 4/103
    3.7 unweighted / 4.37 weighted GPA
    SAT's 1780
    Boys' State Delegate
    National Honors Society
    Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership
    Peer Tutor
    Peer Mentor
    Math Club
    Church Altar Server
    Church Youth Group Leader
    Habitat for Humanity
    Debate Team Captain

    Starting Varsity Goalkeeper: 10,11,12
    Captain, MVP, Defensive Player of the Year: Freshmen Team
    Honorable Mention All-LeagueLeague, Most
    Improved Player: Sophomore Year
    1st Team All-League, Honorable Mention All-County: Junior Year
    Will be captain senior year
    3 varsity letters

    Varsity starter: 11,12
    Honorable Mention All-League Junior Year
    Will be captain senior year
    3 varsity letters

    Varsity starter: 10,11,12
    2nd team all league sophomore year
    Captain senior year
    3 varsity letters

    9 total varsity letters

    How does this all work out? I feel that my SAT's are not that strong, but other people say that they are good? I feel very confused about the strength of my scores. Any input would be greatly appreciated. USNA is my dream and I never wished for anything else but to go here.
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    Apr 15, 2009
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    Hi usnatwenty15! I'm just a mom, but based on my son's experiences I would say take the SAT's again and you can bring your scores up from good to great! If you can bring that math score up just a little into the 700's, you'll be in the top 25th percentile based on the class of 2013's stats. Get that verbal up into the 600's, too. Take a prep class this summer or self study, and I'll bet you'll be very pleased with your scores the second time around. Take the ACT, too, if you can. I think your activities/sports look great, so you're on the right track. Good luck! :thumb:

    Class of 2013's SAT stats:
    Middle 50th percentile*
    •Verbal: 570-700 •Math: 600-700
    *This means that 50% of the class received SAT scores within
    the range between the 25th and 75th percentile.
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    Oct 14, 2009
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    Keep in mind that USNA takes your best score in each of the SAT areas. I think your verbal is kinda low. The math is ok (not superstar, but ok) and I don't know how they use the writing -- never saw it referred to on daughter's stuff.

    The athletics confused me -- was one of those soccers something else? Anyway, team captain is good stuff according to our BGO.

    Boys' State, Hugh O'Brien -- more good stuff. Leadership in activities is a priority again, according to BGO.

    Have you contacted your BGO? I am just a mom.:smile:

    Good luck.
  4. jennyp

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    Consider taking the ACT as well. Some do better on one than the other. Plebe son took both 3 times. Got a little better each time. Get your hands on some of the study materials.
  5. OBXmom

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    I agree with jennyp. People usually score higher on one or the other. The SAT flip flops between english and math segments (six times, I believe). The ACT has all math and then all english. People's brains usually respond better to one format or the other.
    My son took the SAT three times, and the ACT's only once. His ACT scores were 130 pts higher than his highest combination of SAT scores. I only wish we had known this in time for him to have taken his ACT's more than once.
    I hope this helps you. Keep up the good work and good luck!
  6. bmorris244

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    Keep in mind the Academy's whole human multiple they talk about all the time. I would retake the SAT once, take a course or buy a book, they say those things help. Try to boost your math and reading grades, don't focus on the writing so much (the SAT data for the writing will not be accepted widely until collegeboard collects enough data-- supposedly 5-10 years). I personally scored the same as you in math, but my reading and writing scores were higher.
    My general advice is to retake and try again, but as a rule don't freak out over the SAT.

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