worrying over injuries


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Sep 6, 2008
Ok so i recieved an appointment but I can't stop worring because I am constantly recieving sports related injuries, nothing serious just strained muscles and one instance of bursitis. What kind of injuries and ailments will USMA send you home for? If they send you home will they let you come back the next year?
The best way to prevent injuries is to get in shape and stay in shape. Proper stretching can prevent about 90% of all strained and pulled muscles. Bursitis is often caused by overuse while not being in shape.
For instance - if you bursitis is in the knee - it could be caused by overuse, i.e. running too long and too far without being in proper shape. Strengthening of the quads can help prevent this.

Getting in shape for Beast - one does not get in shape during Beast. One should arrive in excellent physical condition for Beast.

How to get in shape can differ depending on your physicial strenghts and weaknesses. If you are a 103 lb female, you probably want to do some strength training and try and bulk up a little bit. If you are strong but a weak runner than concentrate on building your aerobic endurance.
if you don't know how to swim then learn - you will be given a swim test.
If you are strong and have great endurance then Beast will be a lot more fun.

For those of you who are high school varsity athletes - see your athletic trainer. He/she can help you to develop a program that can suit your needs.
If not consider joining a gym and seeing a personal trainer.
You will be doing a lot of running, obstacle courses, ruck marching. Ruck marching involved extended "hikes" with a pack. The pack will be heavy - 40-50 lbs I think. They don't care if you are 5'2" and weigh 110 lbs or are 5"10 and weigh 170 lbs. Same pack. The marchback was 12 miles with 40 lbs.

On R-day you will be given a physical exam. If you fail it then you will be sent home.
If you get hurt or sick before R-Day then call admissions. If you can't attend Beast then they will turn you back for the next class and hold your spot.

If you get hurt during Beast - you could get sent home but most kids end up staying. It all depends on the injury and the treatment required - e.g. if you tear your ACL and need surgery then you will go home. I know of one cadet who went home during beast and came back in the fall for her surgery and recovery and then went home for rehab. She has a spot in Class of 2013.

Many kids go through Beast injured or hurt. My daughter was on crutched for 1.5 weeks and still completed Beast. It is all a case by case basis.
What exactly are they looking for in the exam on R-Day? Wouldn't everything already be on record?
In most cases the Dodmerb physical was nearly a year ago - in some cases more than a year ago. They give you a complete physical. They check you out to make sure you are not sick or injured.
Everything should be on record - if you get injured or sick before R-Day you are supposed to notify DoDMERB and admissions, not everyone does though.

Additionally, if you are sick or injured you are going to have a very difficult time just making it through R-Day. This is a very physical day with a lot of heavy lifting, walking and standing. You really can't hide. It is much better to be forthright up front.

I recall a story last summer about a young lady who came east with her family a couple of days before R-day. On the weekend she awoke with a fever and quite ill. She and her parents were understandably worried. They called the emergency number that they give you and were told to take her to Keller (the hospital on post) she was seen and treated and did make it to R-Day.
The point is follow every direction they give you, read everything and don't panic. West Point spent a lot of time and money to get you appointed - they want you and will help you in everyway possible.