Would these credentials be good enough?


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May 18, 2017
If I have these stats would it be good enough to receive a 4-year scholarship AROTC-

3.8 GPA weighted- National Honor Society
1 AP class this year (sophomore)
3 AP & 2 Honors courses next year (junior)
Captain of Varsity Wrestling team (lettered also)
Club Wrestling participant
VP of Investment Club
Community Service- Running Works, Habitat for Humanity, Freedom School (helping less fortunate elementary kids)

I've heard this scholarship is really competitive, so I was looking to see if I would be a good enough competitor.
Test scores TBD I am sure and also GPA is unweighted.

Yes you are competitive, there are other factors involved and be advises that competitive candidates get passed over every year. What is 100% certain is that your you can not receive without applying so definitely apply if serving as an officer is your goal. Keep in mind the Army is giving more three year than four year so be prepared on how you would use that option. Also know you have another year. Scholar (gpa, test scores, academic honors, etc), athlete and leader all factor in. There is a survey that you take, he PMS interview and your fitness test will also factor in. Take the ACT/SAT, and probably both with enough time to take them again. Good luck, getting started early is good.

Yeah my school doesn't give SAT or ACT until junior year. I am going to start training for the PFT right now.

Are there two scholarship application opportunities for AROTC?

What is the PMS interview?
PMS = Professor of Military Science - The person in charge of the college Army ROTC battalion at a school or group of schools. (see the acronym list on the forum toolbar).

You have one opportunity to apply as a HS senior. If you get skunked, you can also enroll at a college that offers Army ROTC and participate as a "walk on" or non-contract cadet. As a freshman, If you work hard and get good grades, you can earn a "campus based" scholarship for the next 2 or 3 years.

The HS applications go through National Boards and are awarded by cadet command.
The campus based scholarships are approved by the PMS and other cadre.
Do I have to take military science as a freshman in college if I want to get a 3 yr scholarship?
Do I have to take military science as a freshman in college if I want to get a 3 yr scholarship?

You don't HAVE to....but your chances likely drop precipitously by not doing so. The idea is to strut your stuff and participate in AROTC activities so that you can impress the cadre into offering you a 3 year ticket.

Why would you not want to do this?
I have a 3.67 unweighted GPA

Would going to a private school since I have "good grades" make my chance of getting a 4 yr scholarship better?
Private vs public is not as important as how the academic rating of the school is.

You really need to just apply, and not worry about the odds. It is far more important to develop a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C....all the way to Z.

My DS wanted to be a Marine all his life. He earned a nomination to USNA but did not make the final cut and did not get in. He also did not earn an NROTC scholarship. He was so busy during his senior HS year, that he did not even APPLY for the Army ROTC scholarship. He was accepted to The Citadel but the price tag was not very affordable.....so on to Plan C.

Instead, he entered an affordable local public university and was a "walk-on" to Army ROTC (they did not offer Navy) . Within six months he earned a 3 year Army scholarship that was later extended another half year.

He is now finishing his MS-II year and doing very well. Sometimes Plan C can end up being Plan A.

As @Dckc88 said, your numbers are competitive, but NO ONE HERE can tell you for certain what the outcome will be.

Just apply and do your best.