WP Grad to be on Shark Tank 5 May/Rumi Spice

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Sep 27, 2008

Kimberly Jung is a '08 WP grad. SA grads, as well as military officers, can go on to some pretty amazing careers in a wide variety of fields.

I first read about her on the AcademyWomen website, a non-profit dedicated to leadership and professional development, mentoring and assisting women veterans in transition. You do NOT have to a be an SA grad or a woman to work with the organization. The organization was started by female SA grads to help mentor all women who serve or have served. Their e-mentor program is particularly adaptable.


AcademyWomen can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook. No spaces in the organization title.



Her story also supports SA grads not having a problem getting into top grad schools, a concern which pops up in various threads.
Amazing story... full of hope, cross cultural communication and entrepreneurship all at the same time.

Thanks for the post, Capt MJ!
You are most welcome. Veteran transition is a passion of mine, whether separating after 5 years or retiring after a full career. I volunteer with vet transition organizations. I love seeing stories that confound the stereotypes held by some employers that military folks are poorly educated, unimaginative, rigid thinkers, not innovative, haven't held a real job...and I could go on. I also think it's useful for parents unfamiliar with the military to understand what an amazing leadership lab a life in uniform is, and how much confidence and unique skills are gained.
I watch Shark Tank every week and couldn't wait to see the business Capt MJ highlighted. I realize that the pitch can be hours long and then cut down to just a few minutes but the producers certainly took the opportunity to show a major stumble when the sharks asked some financial questions. Harvard Business School must have been cringing at the graduates inability to answer some basic financial questions. The three veterans stood tough and ended up making a deal with Mark Cuban. I was glad to see him take the chance.