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    At what point during the application process are interviews conducted? or are they all different depending on your region?


    my application is complete but i have not turned it in because I would like to take the SAT/ACT again to show some better scores, would it be smart to send my application in once I have received the scores back from the testing agency and updated my score report on my portal? or should I send in my application and just rely on the testing agencies to send WP my scores?
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    Need to start with #2 first. There is no way that your application can be complete if you haven't sent in scores. You need them before the Second Step Kit opens. Even then, the whole thing is online, so there is no complete waiting to send in. It is not complete until everything is in and the majority of the SSK is done by others (ie your teachers, administrators, counselors) so even when you hit send, it isn't done until they complete their part.

    Along those lines, interviews vary by Field Force Rep. Some don't do them based on a number of factors - a big one is if you are even competitive in your district, which they won't know if you don't have test scores in.

    Short answer to all of this is yes, you need to send in your current scores now, and then update with new scores when you take it this fall.

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