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    Dear Sir or Ma’am

    My name is Akash Desai. I am currently a junior in Lenape High School, NJ. I have a 3.0 GPA right now; I have 3 AP classes (B’s in all). I am preparing heavily for the SAT, now if I score extremely well on the SAT (like a 2100/2400), get a congressional info, will that qualify academically. My extracurricular activities I have done is Army JROTC my freshman year (drill team and highest leadership awards) and Mock Trial my sophomore year. I have not done any sports, but plan on doing wrestling my senior year. I know right now this doesn’t look to good on my admissions, but would you give me advice. Also I am preparing for the AP US History Exam, will this help me in any form for West Point.
    1. GPA cutoff.
    2. How to be eligible for the extracurricular part of the admissions.
    3. Minimum physical exercise for the physical test for West Point. (Minimum #of pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc. not a 100 score, but passing eligibility for West Point)
    4. Will I be eligible for Academic Requirements, based on above description?

    My only interest in college is West Point and it has been for a long time. This is my dream college. So if you ask me level of interest, it is far beyond of desire to go to West Point! I just want to get into the United States Military Academy, but I need your help.

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    I'm not sure about the "GPA cutoff", but as far as your CFA goes, I would definitely not aim to just get by with the minimums, especially if the other aspects of your file aren't great. Trust me, I've been there and done that with trying to figure out minimums as a sort of safety guide...but
    A) minimums aren't posted
    B) why cheat yourself?
    If nothing else, I would use the averages as minimums. That's how I treated my CFA.
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    Hello Akash!

    I am, too, pretty unfamiliar with the whole admissions process requirements.

    But I know that, even though GPA is important, the SAT is the top score.

    And if sports aren't your strong suits, you should really be aiming at doing really well at the CFA.

    This is a quote from a USAFA cadet. Sounds pretty true to me:
    Keep an eye on those.

    And there is a small contradiction in your post... If that is your dream college, why are you aiming (or, for that matter, asking) the minimum cfa scores? Just do your best, start practicing now!

    As you are a Junior, why don't you apply for the SLS? Do you have any SAT scores right now?

    For the leadership experiences, here is what an Appointee for the 2015 class told me:
    Of course you gotta keep in mind SAT scores and CFA.

    Do your BEST do get in that sport and excel at it. WP is a very athletical place, so it is good if you participate in a sport.
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    West Point uses something called WCS (weighted candidate score?)

    60% academic
    30% leadership
    10% physical

    Academic is very simple, great SAT scores will make up for not great GPA

    Leadership is more complicated, as how do you really judge someone's leadership. Akash, you could do a lot better. Leadership also inclueds your participationg in sports. Tyring out for the wrestling team in your senior year won't really help as you should complete your application before your wrestling season starts (I am assuming winter season). Completing your application by the deadline, feb 28, doesn't help your cause

    Physical - use the CFA average scores as your guide. The interesting about CFA is that it is all or nothing. If you failed one event and scored max on other five events, you still failed.

    I am also concerned about your statement "this is my dream college." There is something called graduation. After your graduate, you become an Army officer. I have been an admissions volunteer for about 8 years now, when a candidate doesn't mention anything about becoming an Army officer, I get concerned . . .

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