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    When I applied to SLS I had questions about how to self report my writing score. I wasn't sure if I put the writing alone score (which seemed to be how it was written on the application) or the English + writing score. So I called the WP admission office and talked to a women there and asked her how to fill out that section. She said to take the superscore combined and put it down. I further clarified by asking do I take the highest writing from multiple tests plus the highest English from multiple tests. She said yes to super score each the writing and the English. So I went to the ACT website and found the following chart:


    My highest stand alone writing super score was 11 and my highest stand alone English super score was a 34. so according to the chart provided by ACT my highest English + writing is a 34.

    However, I did not get the 11 on the writing and the 34 English on the same test.
    One one test I got a 9 on the writing and the 34 English
    On one test I got a 11 on the writing and the 32 English.

    So while I put down a 34 on the self report, my score was recently changed to a 32 due to not superscoring each section.

    This is fine, I dont mind the switch from a 34 to a 32 in writing (especaily since last years average was 27-so I am still in the comfortable range for this) but I dont want the admissions board to think that I was trying to pull a fast one and was lying.

    I have a concern that the admission board will be sitting around saying "this moron wrote a 34 for writing when it was only a 32"

    Should I send them an email explaining or just let it go?
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    Let it go! My DS wasn't sure what to put down so he just put in his score of 8. Admissions changed it to 29 once the english 33 on the official ACT report was received by WP. Don't sweat it, when the board reviews your case I would bet $$$$ that they won't even have a clue about the change. Good Luck!
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    really don't sweat the writing score. alo told me that they only require the score in order to run statistics on them for future classes-they arent actually taken into account for class of 2017 appointments.

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