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Oct 6, 2008
My daughter rec principle nom, got the letter USNA is definiately in her future! Good luck to everyone waiting!
Congratulations to your daughter! Did the letter say that it was a principle nom or did she call to find out? Im trying to figure out if mine is competitive or principle, i just got a quick e-mail that i got a nom, not the official letter yet.

Again congrats to your daughter you must be very excited!

Call and find out principle or uranked slate.

My son got message on cell phone from Senator's staffer that he got nom. Called back next day to ask same question and was told it didn't matter cuz they just talked to USNA and they were getting his appt package ready to go.
It'll probably say under the application information.
Congrats to you guys!
The letter stated that it is a prinicple nom. Thanks for the congrats! :thumb:
I was suggesting to Cycling1222 to call and find out principle or competitive!