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    I've been watching these forums for the past couple of months, but I decided to join today.

    Applying to USNA and USAFA '17

    -4.0 rescaled GPA
    -Ranked 29/615
    -SAT: 630R 800M 720W 1430M+R
    -ACT: 34C 35M 35Sc 34E 32R 33E+W (April results, pending October results)
    -SAT II: 760 Chem, 760 Math II, 680 Physics
    -AP: 5 Chem, 5 BC Calc, 5 Stat (my school is limited on offering early AP courses; currently taking Physics C, English Lit, US History, Spanish Lang, and Micro/Macroeconomics)
    -No college courses
    -Final grades - 2 Bs, rest As

    -JV Spring Track (9-12, Scholar-Athlete Award '11)

    Academic Honors:
    -AP Scholar
    -Johns Hopkins CTY Talent Search High Honors (received a scholarship to take a college course while in high school - school + personal schedule didn't allow this)

    ECs/Summer stuff:
    -Boy Scouts (6 1/2 years, Eagle Scout, Senior Patrol Leader, OA member, attended NYLT, currently a Venture Scout)
    -CAP (4 years and counting, close to Earhart Award (Cadet Captain), Flight Commander, CAC representative, staffed Encampment, attended RCLS, Blue Beret x2, and SUPTFC)
    -Marching Band (4 seasons, former Section Lieutenant, currently Quartermaster of the Band)
    -School Musical (9-12)
    -Boys State (2012)

    No work experience

    Nominations: Interviews scheduled for both Senators + Representative
    ALO and BGO interviews completed
    DoDMERB exams completed - pending qualifications
    Teacher evaluations done
    Still need writing + resume for AFA, NA stuff complete

    Preparing for CFA, will take at the end of this month (I'm confident for pushups, situps, and the mile, shuttle run is a maybe, and I'll need work on the BB throw and pullups)

    NROTC app submitted, need PFA + resume for AFROTC app
    Applying/thinking about 10 other colleges:
    -Done: MIT, UVa, Ohio State, Rensselaer, Penn State (minus Honors app), Drexel
    -Wait and see: Cornell, Yale, CMU, Michigan

    I've given all the info that I can possibly give. Hopefully, you can give me some advice/steps to take.
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    On track

    Well Done! Do some research about the Falcon Scholarship from AF. Just as a plan for the future.

    Push Hard, Press Forward

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