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    Questions regarding Stamps and Mail

    I actually think the law is you cannot OPEN mail not addressed to you without permission from the addressee.
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    National Pool/MOC notification call

    Maybe ... not all MOC's call even principal nominees. It depends on how your MOC does it. The MOC is notified for all appointments in the District - so your MOC would be made aware of the appointment. Typically the MOC is notified a week or so prior to the SA sending the BFE - this is a...
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    USAFA Cadets Being Affected by Budget Cuts

    I want to preface this post to ask that this not degenerate into a "needs of the Air Force", "welcome to the military" type post. The involved cadets are well aware of that and totally get it. Those that I know are taking this well and say that they went to USAFA to become a military officer...
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    Our family will arrive in C-Springs on Friday evening and leaving on Friday morning. We have plans for the weekend prior to graduation and there are a number of things to do. I don't know what other families are doing but imagine it's similar. There are also many weddings the weekend after...
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    MOC nomination

    Mis-managing of slots is more common than you might think. I am aware of many times that this has occurred. Yes, the SA tries to work with the MOC to ensure they don't over commit for a future year but typically the MOC has a staffer handling this and if the staffer is not actively working...
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    MOC nomination

    Not necessarily. It depends on how many cadets/Mids the MOC has at the SA. They can only have 5 at a given time. So if they mis-managed their slots in a prior year, it is very possible that they would have no opening this year. It is complicated and while usually a MOC will have at least one...
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    Host Families At AF?

    At USAFA they are called Sponsors. Sponsors are a special kind of person. My D's sponsors have given time, support, love ... they truly have become family. Their kids are like younger brothers/sisters that my D never had. I have stayed at the family home on countless occasions. As a 4° and a 3°...
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    What does a principle nomination mean?

    If you have principal nom and are fully qualified (including medical), you will get the BFE. If you are not fully qualified, then no you won't get the appointment (if ti's a ranked slate, #2 on the slate will get it and if it is an unranked slate the SA will select the highest WCS).
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    Class of 2015 LOA's Received

    I am aware of many instances where an LOA did not get an appointment. The typical reason is that the LOA recipient did not apply for all noms for which they are eligible. It is a complex system and it has been discussed in detail many times on this forum over the last few years. You can do a...
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    Smaller USAFA class size

    The number of cadets is determined by Congress. The approved limit is 4400. That number is computed on the day before the last date of the academic year. USAFA has been high for several years. How they address the excess is something that none of us can really even guess at. But the bottom...
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    academy on lockdown

    I don't know about other bases, but I got stuck ON AFA once. Sometime after I entered to drop off my cadet (in the middle of the night) I turned around and drove to the gate where I promptly had to sit in the winter cold in the middle of the night for almost two hours. No way were they going...
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    Alternate Nominee Question

    I don't want to be negative and dash hopes, but realistically it sounds to me like this is a clever way to give candidates that don't make the slate a glimmer of hope and transfer responsibility for the candidate not getting an appointment from the MOC (for not giving a nom) to the SA (for not...
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    Under what circumstances can the Academy rescind an appointment

    I have seen very few appointments rescinded - but in the cases I have seen it has been as a result of issues with the law, not just traffic violations but more serious crimes. Stay out of trouble... I have not heard of anyone having an appointment rescinded for grades but I assume if suddenly...
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    National Waitlist.

    Sometimes the NWL candidate may end up going against the MOC quota. It depends on a great number of variables but one example might be when the initially appointed candidate turns an appointment down (pulling the 2nd on the slate for that MOC - essentially taking them off the NWL and back onto...
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    National Waitlist.

    My guess would be that your MOC provided a principal nominee (and you are not it) so they have appointed the qualified principal nominee and put the rest of the slate on the NWL. There are other scenarios but that's the most likely given the timing. If the MOC had a competitive slate it is...