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    AFROTC Program and Scholarship

    I'm not actually sure at the moment. I think it depends on how many of my credits actually transfer over. And yeah I was looking at the SFT topics and besides the Air Force specific stuff, I've already done most of it in CBT/CFT as a cadet which is why I was wondering what I can and can't...
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    AFROTC Program and Scholarship

    Just a little background before I pose my questions: I am currently outprocessing from West Point (was going to be a rising cow, or junior) and plan on applying to Georgia Tech as a transfer student starting this upcoming 2015 spring semester. I have considered doing an ROTC program but am...
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    Validation Tests During Beast

    You can also take voluntary STAP if you want to so that you take less classes during the academic year, which is what I did last summer. Is a great way to free up your school year schedule and get a good grade by taking only one class an entire semester's worth of material in 3 weeks. You just...
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    Computer Science vs. Electrical Engineering

    From what I've heard, both majors are pretty tough. It all boils down to what you think you will like more. If that is programming, etc., then go with comp sci. If it is physical electronics, etc., go with electrical engineering. However, one big mistake cadets make is basing major decisions off...
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    Any Suggestions on a Financial Institution?

    God this is an understatement haha! Go with USAA and set up the ability to transfer funds online from PenFed to USAA also, because any money you get for books or top-off in the future go to your PenFed account if they do it the same way they have been.
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    To add to this since all cadets will be having iPads starting next semester it can probably be assumed everyone will be able to access wi-fi with those as well.
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    Commissioning other ways after Academic Board/Separation

    I'm facing a similar possibility for physical grades. Does the same apply in that case?
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    Russian at USMA

    If they continue doing it the same way as past years, you will be able to list your language preferences and whether or not you would like to start language courses plebe year (a good option if you plan on majoring in a language) when you take a language aptitude test during Beast. You should...
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    Books on Infantry Tactics

    ^Listen to this sage advice you will be thankful later.
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    The Beast

    ^Sage advice. Have fun with your last summer before heading off to Beast, but remember to arrive in shape (trust me on this one when I say practice doing APFTs before you get here) and ready to train. I'll actually be a Beast 1 Squad Leader for those of you who are 2018 cadet candidates by the...
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    Cadet Field Training

    1. Training is as good as you make it. Some of the events we did during our Buckner (last year) were wet and dry obstacle courses, day and night land nav, fire support and mortars, TCCC, various marksmanship training, room clearing, urban assault training, counter-IED training, ASIP radios, and...
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    What happens if you can't give urine sample?

    You will conduct a urinalysis during Beast which they will make you wait as long as it takes. I would recommend you get your "technique" down by then so you don't attract unnecessary attention to yourself for trouble conducting it, but that's just my two cents. However, during the school year...
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    A new barracks as of now is under construction and will be named Schwarzkopf Barracks (located on the hill behind Sherman Barracks). It is scheduled as of now to be complete by 2016. Also, current barracks are under renovation and will be closed, renovated, and reopened one or so at a time until...
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    Its been awhile..

    As a fellow Class of '16'er, I second this and yeah anyone with questions feel free to send me a PM as well, as this forum helped me greatly in getting information I needed to prepare to apply and come here. Good luck to all you current and future applicants out there and keep up the hard work...
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    USNA Gangnam Style

    Considering I am a USMA cadet, my opinion is slightly biased but I think Army's was definitely the best overall:shake:, and that is looking at it as objectively as possible haha. As for the argument on who came out with the video first, it doesn't really matter considering all of us copied from...