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    Class of 2023 by the Numbers

    It's 170. 85 active duty and 85 reserve/guard.
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    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    I am a direct from this year about to enter, feel free to ask me any questions you have.
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    Rising Firstie: Ask Away!

    Of course 0-0-1-3. And thanks for the quick response.
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    Rising Firstie: Ask Away!

    Just asking for those that are over or will turn 21 during doolie year, like myself, but are we allowed to drink during doolie year?
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    College Student looking to join as as officer

    This page is geared towards highschool students and people applying to the service academies. Check out the ROTC page on this forum or r/airforce on Reddit.
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    LEAD Program C/O 2023 Thread

    What squadron? I'm in barbarians.
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    BCT Letters from me (stranger)

    You have to post 5 times before you can private message. So just respond to this post.
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    LEAD Program C/O 2023 Thread

    @Konkolm is direct admission from what I understand.
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    Flying Alone

    From what I understand you are responsible for getting yourself from the airport to USAFA for in processing if you arrive the day before you will need to procure arrangements for a hotel room and meals.
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    Ring “Tap” tradition?

    Far Far Above West Point Or Annapolis
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    LEAD Program C/O 2023 Thread

    Got my orders today how is everyone else doing with order and out processing?
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    No boot is actually waterproof, just water resistant. There's a giant hole in the top to let water in. But on a more serious note you can waterproof your own boots by getting some waterproofing treatment that they sell on Amazon or most outdoor stores. Also I can guarantee you that the SFB...
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    LEAD Program C/O 2023 Thread

    Both @TheTallOne and I are direct entry so our leave does not transfer because we have a break in service while at USAFA.
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    LEAD Program C/O 2023 Thread

    No and no