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    ROTC for a noob.

    Hi all, I'm currently a high school junior. i had my heart set on going to the USNA but for various reasons i'm not anymore. I knew everything i needed to know about the app. process to the academies.... but now i plan on doing ROTC in college, so this is where i'm asking everyone...
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    Best ROTC Programs?

    How about Villanova? how're their arotc and nrotc programs?
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    ROTC poor eyesight

    I believe that Army or Navy ROTC is the path that i'm going to take in college but i have a question. I know that you can get corrective surgery for poor eyesight if you want to pursue a flight career if you go to the USNA. My question is if i do rotc or nrotc what's the deal? i would like to...
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    i have a problem. i've been accepted to WP's sls and AFA's ss. i have also applied to NASS. i can only attend the SLS session I or NASS session I due to state tests and finals (otherwise i'd go to all three!!!). the sls packet specifies to accept or decline by March 1st. will i know by...
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    A heartbreaking story.....

    that sucks. all her effort wasted
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    CFA only once?

    so if i were to take it @ a s.s. i would have the option of submitting it after i take it?
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    CFA only once?

    i had thought that a candidate to the academies could take the CFa as many times as needed... but not according to WP's site-- scroll to CFA question here is it true that one can only take it one time for the academies??
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    NASS news?

    oh!! i was thinking of AFA SS! not nass! my mistake... :bang::redface: lol i guess i've just been waiting for nass for so long i forgot
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    SLS Notification

    good point but i mean would it really be that hard to bump one of the sessions a week back? all the kids in other states are just on summer vacation it's not a big deal for them but it's smack in the middle of finals for everyone here or anyone else w/ similar school timing
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    NASS news?

    has anybody gotten news about NASS or been accepted yet? i applied to WP's SLS alot later than NASS and i've already recieved a packet about being accepted to that is the N.A. just slow or is this bad news?
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    SLS Notification

    Hey i was accepted too!! i got the packet just as i was heading out the door for a trip on Friday so that's why i'm so late posting..... I'm not sure i can go tho. there's a conflict with my finals and NYS REGENTs exams (we start school in september and end in early june in NY) i wish...
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    summer cruises

    ok that does clear things up. so basically you choose based upon your service selection and if it "works" w/ the navy's needs. got it. so it's basically the exact same process with USNA as NROTC mids i assume? * and yeah i can totally appreciate the busy-ness of the time right mom...
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    summer cruises

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    summer cruises

    does a midshipman (USNA or NROTC etc) get to decide which ship/ship type they go on for their summer cruises? do usna midshipmen get "firsties" when choosing? how does it work?