ROTC poor eyesight


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Nov 29, 2008
I believe that Army or Navy ROTC is the path that i'm going to take in college but i have a question. I know that you can get corrective surgery for poor eyesight if you want to pursue a flight career if you go to the USNA. My question is if i do rotc or nrotc what's the deal? i would like to fly but i have poor eyesight. Can i get corrective surgery? will the DoD pay for it or would i pay myself if i can get it?
thanks ahead of time-------
This is old information, so for the definitive answer you will need to check with the respective ROTC program, but you are able to get refractive eye surgery (with the ROTC detachment commanders approval) on your own dime. The government will not pay for it.

Again, this information is a little old, so I would check with the ROTC program.

If you do check and get the answer, if you would post it here so we all have the latest and greatest it would be appreciated.
Can you get Lasik? I know that they don't like it and prefer PRK for service academies, but is it different for ROTC?
Currently PRK is the only refractive eye surgery that is approved for Naval Aviation. I'm not sure where the AF is on this.

Studies are being done on LASIK in the Navy (and I'm sure for the AF as well), but only for those who are currently flying. Things can change, so who knows where it will be in 1, 2 or 3 years.