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    1. Christcorp
      No problem. That's why I and others are here for. The air force and the academy are very important to us. Having retired after 21 years, it is very much a part of my life. And now, my son has taken the torch. He will be starting his junior year at the academy. He wants to go to Medical School or as a pilot as his backup job.

      There are a lot of different perspectives on this forum. We have current cadets; alumni; fellow applicants; appointees; parents; and some of us who work directly with applicants. (ALO's and recruiters). So you'll definitely find a large source of information. Other than God and Family; knowledge is the most important thing in the world. With that knowledge, you can gain FREEDOM. The academy is simply a means of reaching your goals. One of many paths to reaching your goal. So no matter what happens in the end, keep your goals in tact. Best of luck. Mike....
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