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    Coaches and Prep schools

    So glad to hear this! DS is a recruited athlete for CGA and has been offered the Scholars Program. This confirms exactly what the coach and athletic director told DS. He is excited and humbled by the opportunity he has been given.
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    Where is everyone?

    Have all EA apps been reviewed? If so, When was the last board, and how long does it usually take to hear anything?
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    Dreams do come true

    Four years ago, DS applied to USNA and NROTC. He did not receive an appointment and was devastated as his dream since about age 4 was to attend Annapolis and become a Navy Pilot. He did receive a full 4 year NROTC scholarship. His Plan B, however, was not without a hiccup. He was assigned to...
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    Recruited athletes

    Does CGA recruit like the other SA's do? And if so, how much does that help a candidate's application?
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    candidate visit weekend invite

    He fully realizes that a CVW does not equal an appointment. He is currently in NROTC and after the first month of school, he currently has an A in every subject. He is working very hard but has said that if an appointment does not come for him this year, he will be happy to stay where he is...
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    candidate visit weekend invite

    After receiving one of the "thin letters" last April, my son is reapplying this year. He has been in contact with CGO and got excellent feedback on what was "lacking" in his package last year. He was told that his file wouldn't be looked at until after first semester, so he was shocked to get...
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    Waiver questions

    As so many others have posted, Larry answered my question quickly and after an email and phone call, it looks like we are good to go. Thanks, Larry!
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    Waiver questions

    My son applied to both USNA and NROTC for class entering 2008. His medical was sent for waiver review for both. He ultimately did not recieve an appointment for USNA and so his medical never left the waiver board. He was awarded a NROTC scholarship and received a waiver. He has now decided...
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    swearing in

    I know exactly how you feel. Our son reported to his unit last Monday and was sworn in. He then went through "freshman orientation" with the unit for the week. We saw a huge difference between Monday and Saturday when we got to see him in his whites. We are so proud of him and all the others...
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    NROTC Scholarship "limbo"

    "Limbo" update After submitting his revised list to Pensacola, S was assigned to the last school on his list (Norwich). He immediately requested to be placed on the waiting list for his top choice. It has now been over three months, and he is still waiting. Ultimately he decided to attend...
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    Help sending PM

    It's fixed Looks like it worked! Thanks, TN! :thumb:
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    Help sending PM

    TN, I've tried deleting the cookies and I'm still getting the forbidden message. Thanks! Hopefulmom
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    Help sending PM

    I've been trying off and on for three weeks to respond to a PM from Tactical Nuke. Each time I try to send the message, I get the following message: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /private.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying...
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    Thanks, RetNavy

    A huge "Thank You" goes out to RetNavyHM. My son received word yesterday, just two hours before his graduation, that his medical waiver was approved for NROTC. We've been through Methacholine Challenge testing and a DQ for nephritis, and like so many others here, RetNavy has been a calming and...
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    NROTC Scholarship "limbo"

    The past two weeks have been quite a roller coaster ride! First S found out that he did not receive appointment to USNA. Three days later he was notified that he was selected for a 4 Year NROTC Scholarship. Last night he received an email stating that he had not been placed in a unit because...