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  • Congrats! You should be a proud mom. Where are you from? Just curious, I am a mom myself, anxiously waiting to hear from 2nd board for AROTC for my son. The waiting game is not fun. We've tried checking the website, cannot logon. Did you receive notice in mail or did you hear from your battallion from the school your son applied to?
    Congrats again to you and your family:)
    cjs, if you seen, I am on the national waiting list. So I guess now I just wait to see if I get there. I'm 3'qd too! :D How is your son doing? Have a great weekend!
    Congratulations! I'm so happy that you received one of the nominations. And getting qualified is wonderful as well. We have a friend whose son got the nomination to the NA and was qualified everywhere else but lost out due to something medical.

    Let me know how you make out, good luck!

    Have a wonderful holiday.
    cjs, I called my congressional cordinator and I asked if they sent out letters of notification yet. Well, thankfully I did receive a Congressional nomination(my cordinator said I should get the letter in 1 or 2 days. Of course, mine was delayed for some reason), I was one of 5 people to get a nom! I also found I was medically qualified for both USMA and NA without even have to get waivers. Thanks for all of your support!! Best of luck to your son!
    Our congressman did not call my son, he and his friend both found out when they received their letters. This could very well be the case with your person and your nomination and good news will come via official letter.
    Again, good luck with your nominations, appointments, and college acceptances.
    Good luck with the rest of your senior year as well!
    CJS, I have not heard anything yet about me nominations, with the exception that letters are being sent out now. As far as I know so far, I have not received a nomination from my congressman, but I am keeping the faith and hoping that I do. Thanks for words! Good luck to your son!
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