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  • Hey USMAalltheway,

    Sorry things didn't work out with WP. I know you would have been such a passionate classmate And, good change you are applying next year? I couldn't really tell by your post. Good luck with everything, and I'm really glad you have chosen the Army-route!

    GO ARMY,

    I know that there have been Floridians on the list. There were two twin girls from Naples (Gulf Coast High School) and I know one of them received an appointment.

    How are you making out with everything?
    I never got back to you and wanted to say congrats on getting the 3Q letter from West Point. LIke you, my son received the same letter and is also on the NWL. Guess he wasn't #1 on either Connie Mack or Bill Nelson's slate.
    Any other plans should West Point not work out?
    Hope you are enjoying your senior year. Good luck with everything!
    thanks man, ya i emailed my malo an RC almost a week ago so i should hear something soon. I hope to see you in june too man. haha first i gotta get that blue folder!!!
    Congrats on the ROTC UCF offer! What kind of engineering are you planning to study? Im still waiting too. For AFA if you dont get the principle nom, you go into a pool similar to the waiting list I guess. Admissions doesnt start reviewing the pool candidates until all apps from each slate are finished. That doesnt happen until 2/15. Also waiting for AFROTC or NROTC, will use those to go to Ga Tech. Still hoping for appointment to AFA...
    Just trying to get all the forms and such, keep my grades up, and get in good shape for beast.
    Thanks a lot man. I just accepted it online yesterday and theres so much **** to do now!
    I did not finish USNA because of medical dq (color vision)- Commander OConnell did my interview. AFA has always been my first choice so hopefully one nom for there is good enough. It is hard to read this forum sometimes because all the other candidates seem so perfect. The waiting sucks.
    So how was your BGO interview? Probably the same guy that did mine, he thought I go to Seminole. He met me at Starbucks. I did not know you applied USNA too, did you get a nom from Mica for that too? Did you hear from Nelson? I did not get nom from either senator so hopefully one is enough.
    CONGRATS on the nom from Mica! He was real good to kids from this area- I know another AFA nom and USNA nom from my school also. I got a reject letter from LeMieux today. Still havent heard from Nelson. Hope one nom is good enough!
    Have you heard anything yet about your nominations? I hope you received one from your congressman. Good luck, I know how badly you want this.

    Just the waiting game for me right now, since I applied to all the noms I could, MOC & Senators & VP.

    How about you? Have you heard anything back yet?

    Good Luck!

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