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    1. EagleScout13
      I'd say my best stats are being 5/98 class rank and a 35 ACT. I'm also an Eagle Scout and I attended Boy's State, and I have over 2000 community service hours in high school. Plus having my file completed in August probably helped me receive one as well.
    2. bumper57
      DD applied to USMA and USNA. USMA sent her to DodMerb and she got remedial and then DQ for a shoulder condition that was rehabed in 6wks. V.A. Doc sent 4 page letter basically saying she is fine. USMA said they applied for a waiver, still waiting to hear. In the meantime we had no idea that USNA applied for a waiver until they sent a letter saying that she had gotten one. Each S.A. and ROTC must submit for their own waiver. Please respond on the forum. Not sure we are set up to recieve messages, but you could try. Good luck. We really do not know what we are doing. We just follow the process the best we can and hope for the best!
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