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  • Wow, I am sorry. I misunderstood your post. Glad all is working out well for your son. What school did he wind up at? Is he doing ROTC? I know that the odds are definitely against us if you just look at the numbers. I feel like my DS is more than qualified, but I am sure every mom feels that way! (and rightfully so). If it is okay to ask, how did you handle the disappointment with your son. I have been thinking about that myself and know that DS will be beyond disappointed. I just wondered what is the best way to handle the thin white envelope and not the big fat envelope he is hoping for. I appreciate any advice that you can offer. Thanks. Best Wishes to you and to your son!
    Hi Harmi.
    Just wanted to introduce myself. Looks like we are in the same boat with the hurry up and wait process. DS interviewed with Brown, Voinovich and Turner. Just got nom this week and is triple Q'd. We are in Northern Dayton area. Hope you hear something soon.
    What school does your DS attend? The waiting is tough. DS is more patient than I am that is for sure. He loved NASS this summer. Hope we get to meet up on IDAY. That would be awesome. Best wishes to you.
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