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  • We are from the Cleveland are. Congrats on your nomination from Senator Brown. We received our nomination from Congressman Kucinich.
    Hi Onee...I really dont get one here that often anymore, my posts are from last year, my son did NOT get an appointment to the USNA....got a TURN DOWN, even though he has some stellar qualitites, very sad situation, but all is well now...he accepted a full academic scholarship to the second school of his choice and is happy....hope your son does well and he recieves an appointment to the USNA....Best of luck to you and him!!
    I am a mom of a junior who is very much interested in attending the USNA. I have a question regarding congressional nominations. Can you only seek nominations from the house reps in your congressional district or can you apply to all house reps? Seems like a fundamental question but thought I would double check with the pros. Thanks in advance for any help
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