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    On my way to New London!

    Thanks everyone for the help and support. It has been a lond road, but I am finally leaving for the academy as part of the class of 2011 and know that the longer road is ahead.
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    R-Day wishes from cyberland

    Thanks Thanks to everyone for all the advice and insight about the academy and academy life. I am excited to meet the rest of the class of 2011.
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    Company Assignments Out

    Yep, Im in Bravo Company. Anyone else? I report at 0700.
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    Medical Waiver Granted I'm In!

    My medical waiver was granted today! I'll see you all July 2nd as part of the class of 2011! I received a conditional appointment in December but just getting medically cleared has taken awhile becuase of two dq's. A long while, I got my physical last june! Thanks for all the help and...
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    Early Decision Stats

    Found some info on early decision: Admissions has completed reviewing Class of 2011 Early Action applications. There were: "122 Full Appointments (applicant needs to Accept or Decline by 1 May) 84 Conditional Appointments (applicant may need to complete a medical examination, physical...
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    Another DQ

    ok thx, it helps to know that there is a chance.
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    Another DQ

    Well, after sending in records for my waivered dq on my tachacardia condition, I received another dq. This time for "asthma/reactive airway disease, exercise induced bronchospasm". I guess they saw that I had a cough during the spring season after running some track events. I did take some...
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    it varies with different offices. I did my last interview yesterday. They are required to give you an answer by Jan31, but my senators took 2 weeks. So pretty quick.
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    Head Injury

    RetNavyHM will be able to answer your question when he logs on next.
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    NROTC Scholarhips Update

    Hopefully you didn't take Viagra for that. :shake:
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    Domerb Question

    Thanks for the help. I'm trying to stay relaxed about the whole situation. Andrew
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    Domerb Question

    I just have a question on what I should be doing to forward my Medical status. The site says that my file was posted to waiver authority on 7/14/06. My status is still Pending Waiver Submission/Review. It's been roughly 11 weeks since I've heard any correspondence from...
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    Coast Guard-1, Navy-0

    That's pretty funny. Is there a link so I could see it online? Can it be know that it's a Coast Guard Helo from the ad?
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    September 29th The Guardian

    I loved the movie! The rescues were pretty cool. It was a little long, but I don't see anything that could of been taken out. I'm definetly getting a copy when it comes out.
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    USCGC Healy

    Here's a news article about two divers that died in the line of duty aboard the USCGC Healy. It happened August 17, I found out by looking at the Coast Guard site. May they rest in peace.