Domerb Question


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Jun 28, 2006
I just have a question on what I should be doing to forward my Medical status. The site says that my file was posted to waiver authority on 7/14/06. My status is still Pending Waiver Submission/Review. It's been roughly 11 weeks since I've heard any correspondence from Dodmerb or the academies. I'm applying for Navy and CG. Airforce and Westpoint are still on the Dodmerb site (I applied for their summer programs), but since have decided not to further the application process for those two.

I have a few codes:
R250.10 - Pending waiver review by USNA
R251.02 - Incomplete or illegible DD Form 2492
R251.23 - Birth-to-present medical health records
R252.10 - DD Form 2382, Statement of History Regarding Allergies
D101.20 - History of symptomatic supraventricular tachycardia/ECG evidence thereof

I got most of my med. records and will fill out the 2382 form on the site. Are they waiting for me to submit these, or am I waiting for the academies to make a decision on the waiver? :confused1:

Thanks, I really appreciate the help! :smile:

The waiver authorities are more than likely waitining to hear from the admissions office to see if you are a valid candidate. Once admissions tells the wavier authorites to look at your waiver package it should go pretty quickly.

For the outstanding remedials, if you would like to submit those to DoDMERB you can, DoDMERB will forward all information to the waiver authorities. It is possible that when DoDMERB reviews the additional information that a new disqualification may be applied, in which case the wavier authorities will also be notified.
Thanks for the help. I'm trying to stay relaxed about the whole situation.