Another DQ


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Jun 28, 2006
Well, after sending in records for my waivered dq on my tachacardia condition, I received another dq. This time for "asthma/reactive airway disease, exercise induced bronchospasm". I guess they saw that I had a cough during the spring season after running some track events. I did take some asthma medications briefly, but for diagnostic purposes. They ended up not working and my doctors have said the cause is probably allergies. My question is what are the realistic possibilities of this getting waivered? Even if it comes out to be that I did have exercise induced bronchospasm's? They would only happen after hard track events during the spring. I am a runner that runs 50+ miles per week year-round. Does this help? Thanks for your advice.
We had a similar DQ. We sent in all the documentation requested and an explanatory letter from our MD and the DQ was waived.

Congrats on getting the wavier for the tachycardia. For the asthma issue, I would submit a letter to DoDMERB, requesting that it gets forwarded to the wavier authorities. In this letter I would put in your own words what happened, what medication you took, what your physicians stated it was, how long ago you last took medication for it and what activities you currently participate in. This will help the wavier authorities make their decision.