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    When will I find out?

    Just a mom I can remember these days last year with my daughter. I think the two hardest waiting parts are 1) after you have done ALL that is within your power to complete your application and you wait...and wait. 2) Waiting to hear from Senators and MOC about nominations. That was difficult...
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    Plebe Summer "In short, it was more like Plebe Spring ... not Plebe Summer." As a mom, I didn't realize that this had been such a mild summer in annapolis. For that I am very grateful!
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    Cell phone coverage in Bancroft- problems

    Aloha! My mid (that is so cool saying that :shake:) is really having a hard time with cell phone coverage. We often get disconnected and she is hearing a lot of static. On our end she sounds muffled most of the time. She said that she only has at the most 1 bar in Bancroft. We have t-mobile...
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    Plebe computer hook-up today

    You made my day! YAHOO! :shake:
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    I am also a user I am a member of Thornton's website and check daily for pictures of my daughter! She looks tired, I am so grateful to see her.:shake:
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    How much does this hurt my chances?

    It never hurts to apply My suggestion is that you go ahead and apply. I think there is some kind of special board when things like this are a concern...if I am remembering correctly. Other than that, your record looks great. I am sure a BGO could offer more advice. Good luck and NO MORE...
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    Phone call from Plebe!!!!

    Well, it was 8:00 AM our time (Hawaii) and the phone call we have been anticipating came. Our daughter said things are going well. She said that it is 75% good and 25 % bad and overall she is sure this is the right place for her. How about everyone else? :rolleyes:
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    I-Day Sup's address, letter from Plebe

    "and you will be selfless, inspirational, efficient, innovative, articulate, adaptable, professional leaders, ready to serve a nation at war. A grateful nation applauds your dedication and commitment" Nobody caught it. It is supposed to be "proficient" not "efficient". Sorry...I just...
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    I-Day Sup's address, letter from Plebe

    My daughter is in class 2013 and my husband and I were not able to be at I-day. We watched it live via the internet...pretty cool. I found Vice Admiral Fowler's address so inspiring I typed most of it out and will be sending it to my daughter as a reminder. So I thought that I would share it...
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    Students admitted from same school

    Yup My daughter is in class 2013 and a guy that was in her English class all 4 years is a classmate. It happens.
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    I-Day Forms

    Also... don't forget to bring your social security card as stated in the permit to report package.
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    Permit to Report!!

    Oh no please don't say it's true!!! I am reading these newest posts and can't believe (ok if I think about it I can) that this only the beginning! It has been a wild ride over the last YEAR helping my daughter get her application together and waiting and waiting and waiting. And now I cry...
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    I-DAY, unaccompanied

    FOUND IT! Thank you Kamajama! I found it. Bancroft Hall is open the night before I-day for candidates ONLY. Thanks! :thumb:
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    I-DAY, unaccompanied

    My daughter will be making the trip alone from Hawaii and will be arriving on the 30th. I am not sure how Plebe's families normally handle this as she can not check into a hotel (not 21). Any idea where she can stay overnight? Thanks in advance.
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    Congressional nom now? Hummm...

    Aloha. I am trying to understand this whole process better. My daughter applied for three congressional nom. She heard from one of the senators on Jan. 31st letting her know that she received his principal nom. She also heard from senator #2 in early Feb. giving her a competitive nom. I...