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  • Insider - Was wondering if the AFROTC and/or reapplies have gone out yet, or are they batched differently? Your insight is much appreciated. TY
    There have been a delay in the Falcon offers (most should go out early next week). There are still about 100 prep school offers yet to be made.
    Sorry to bother you again, but is it correct to assume that if we haven't heard by now that chances of a PS or FF offer are slim to none? Thanks again for your help.
    PS and Falcon offers will start tomorrow, with most of them coming next week. There will be some additional ones offered later (as current offers are declined).
    Hello! Last year about this time you posted that Prep School and Falcon Foundation offers had gone out. Any idea if they've gone out yet this year or when they're expected to go out? Don't want to put you in a bad spot by asking, but if you're able to pass on that info it would be appreciated! Thanks for all your help through this process!
    I apologize if I am being a pest, but we know of two LEAD candidates who were notified that they received Prep offers yesterday via their Commanders, and two civilians found out about Prep offers on their portals today. Do you know or are allowed to say if all the notifications for Prep have been processed yet? Or is the process ongoing?
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