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    1. whatyetmaybe
      Did your son get an appointment to USNA at all, or just to the USCGA on his most recent try? (I'm trying to gauge my own profile to his!)
      1. Jeepman
        He did not get an appointment at USNA. He is currently going through Swab Summer at USCGA and he is loving it. He did get the NROTC scholarship and got into UNC, UVA, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown but since he got his first choice in USCGA, he took it. I am very happy for him. So far, I have been very impressed with everything I have seen at USCGA.
        Aug 12, 2018
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      2. whatyetmaybe
        What do you think held him back the second time because I see nothing but a stellar application from my viewpoint? Thank you for your time.
        Aug 15, 2018
      3. Jeepman
        That is very difficult to quantify. I really don't know. He just took his PFE at USCGA after Swab Summer and got 282 out of 300, and his fitness has always been very good. He loves the USCGA and feels it is where he was meant to be all along. My younger son got into the STEM Summer at USNA this past summer and thought it was good, but he is leaning toward USCGA and USAFA at this point.
        Aug 30, 2018
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