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    Engineering major: four or five years?

    For the army they usually extend scholarship benefits to stem majors, but if you do summer classes you can graduate in 4 years maybe even 3
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    Lincoln lab internship

    Hey I got the MIT Lincoln lab internship through AROTC. The MIT website says they pay $27 an hour for summer interns. Will I recieve this lay or the Casey $30/day pay. Also does anyone have any insight on this program?
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    AROTC internships

    That's the exact one I applied for thanks! Also where did he go and did he got his top choices? I requested all aboard locations
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    AROTC internships

    So I applied for the internship program for this summer. Does anyone know when we will hear back on whether we got accepted or not?
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    Army space program

    How does one branch into the space program as a 2lt?
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    Clip -b help

    Hey so I'm trying to get money from clip b and I went on the army cadet portal and they are no longer doing it through that and it say contact your hra. When I went to him he was in a real pissy mood basically said "why don't you figure out how to do it on your own, I'm tired of cadets asking me...
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    Culp Region Advice

    If i know and can speak arabic, should i pick Asia or Africa as my primary choice? Also by knowing a language will they try to give me a country that speaks that language or will the just send me to some random country in that region?
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    Graduating early

    I need to talk with them more officially because we have a year to work on it, but from the sounds of it they are recommending me to pick up a second a major. I'm going to ask later if I could graduate and then attend grad school at my same university and commission with just one semester into...
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    Graduating early

    I am eligible to graduate a semester early next year, would I also be able to commission earlier ?
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    Army summer training for 2017

    When do applications open up for summer training? Particularly internships?
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    Space A

    Can cadets use space a flights?
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    Project Go and ciet

    Hey I'm an ms2 cadet and I got accepted to an all summer long project go program, but my cadre keeps telling me I might not be able to go because of ciet, and I have to get excused by brigade to do it. What are the chances of me getting excused from ciet?
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    Jury Duty

    So I got summoned for jury duty during a school day this semester and I know I can postpone it for the summer, but does anyone know if I can Get out of it for ROTC summer training? I know active duty personal can be executed.
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    Will they email you through your army portal email or enterprise email?
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    How did you find out?