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    On that note... Wearing an Air Force Academy shirt on I-day also attracts some extra attention I have heard.
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    Accepted to prep, question upon its completion...

    I was under the impression that you could not go to a different Academy if USAFA was sending you to a prep school. I knew somebody that went to a prep school from the Naval Academy and tried to switch to Westpoint and ended up losing both. Just make sure you check everything out before...
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    IMPORTANT Orientation Dinner 12 April OLIVE GARDEN

    Totally forgot to do that thanks eagle!
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    Orientation 2013

    What I understand from the information given in the orientation folder it says that there are two pick up locations and buses will be leaving at 7:30 from each location on Monday morning. I think they would rather people take the bus to minimize cars on the Academy grounds.
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    IMPORTANT Orientation Dinner 12 April OLIVE GARDEN

    I wont make it my plane gets in to late. 13 -14 April (OLIVE GARDEN) Cadets: 1. hornetguy (1) 2. eagle36 (1) 3. Roleomom (4) 4. raimius (1) 5. missmuff (1) 6. Nobility08 (1) 7. USAFA10s (1) 8. airforce16 (1) 9. pssgiraffe08 (1) Appointees: 2. 3. NC Hopeful 4. gdesena 5...
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    2013 Appointments

    Ya ASU is a pretty big party school... but the honors college is really good try and get in there if at all possible.
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    Those who Got Appointments, Where else did you get in?

    USNA Marquette University of San Diego University of Arizona
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    2013 Appointments

    Congrats to all! Lots of new additions today! Looking forward to meeting all of you at orientation or June 25th...Enjoy the rest of senior year. :biggrin:
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    Nice! Same thing happened to me... I got the letter that I was cleared and it showed up online about two weeks later.
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    recalculated gpa?

    My recalculated gpa is actually lower than the gpa on my transcript....
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    Academy DVD in the mail

    I didn't get in to SS either...but I have appointment now. So I guess it all worked out.
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    I-day bag and its contents

    Semper Excelsius, Great post thanks for the all of the photos.... Julia :biggrin:
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    2013 Appointments

    2013 Appointments 1. 13ryan13 2. btown13 3. SpaceGirl2013 4. packermatt7 5. gdesena 6. PDub 7. rg13 8. NChopeful 9. Fyterpilot22 10.kmjg2000 I never added myself here..Happy New Year everyone!
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    Congrats, a great way to start the new year! Julia
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    2013 Appointments

    Done! :smile: See you there, Julia