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    Hi! Well I'm in women's glee club. It's a great club and not its not hard to get into. You audition during the summer with whatever of a voice you have and they base you basically off of if u can somewhat sing in tune with the piano. Not much else. Good luck!
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    Yes we only get minimal amounts of sleep but thats what coffee and "hotel nimitz" are for.
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    30th Company ????

    I dragged with the 30th company form CWV. They are a pretty chill group. The upperclassmen I met were interesting. Some were friendly while one of them threatened to make my life miserable. The plebes were pessimistic like most plebes but they all helped each other out. The 30th Company stays...
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    Check List Please Add

    Don't forget to bring a calculator for validation tests
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    Check List Please Add

    A few girls from last year recommended mailing those stuff in b/c since we are going to have a huge bag of issued items to carry and it'll just be a hassle to carry even more clothes. They said we can survive with granny panties for a few days before our preferred undergarments arrived.
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    All Class of 2014 Members! Mere days away!

    yep reporting to usna on july 1st
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    Company Assignments Have Been Mailed

    F Company, 12th Platoon -- Any comments or thoughts on 12th Company?
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    Permit to Report Packet

    I've barely been able to glance at it...I tested positive on the TB test so I've been running around getting x-rays and begging doctors to get my results stat... Only 44 more days left to I-Day
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    Hi from SoCAl

    Welcome. I'm also from soCal and am reporting on the 1st at 630. Which district is ur son from?
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    Permit to Report Packet

    I got my permit to report package and reporting time is 630. :(
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    Back up school wanting letter of intent

    I put down a deposit for University of SoCal yesterday in case anything happened before or after I-Day. I was going to put one down for UC Berkeley too but decided to let my spot go to someone else on the humongous waiting list.
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    New Balance Shoe for Plebe Summer

    During CWV the plebe I was shadowing with said the issued white NB shoes were horrible and caused blisters but that you had to wear them during plebe summer. She also said that you get issued gray NB shoes but I don't know whether you get those during plebe summer or academic year, but she...
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    Should preference be expressed at the nomination interview

    It all depends on ur MOC and your location. My MOC had told me to rank my choices but that I probably would only recieve a nomination for my top choice because CA has an enormous amount of applicants for each MOC.
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    curious about admission status

    I completed my application 2/5
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    A new level of nail-biting...

    I've been accepted to the UCs and USC and I have an appointment but till today my status on the NROTC website has been showing as "no decision has been made."