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  • LongAgoPlebe, any advices on transferring and applying for schools to go to if you want to leave after your first year
    Do you mind if I share your "secrets to successful freshmen" with my DS senior that is struggling with calc 1 right now? I like everything about it.
    Your reply was really helpful. I feel better now about leaving: I have my goals set up for a new career, my parents are still supportive (I love 'em for their love), and I'm about to start the disenrollment process.

    Thank you for your help - There needs to be more people like you, who are actually informing and supportive rather than badgering and spiteful.
    I think that as long as you are focused on your goals, short and long term, you will do fine. If you are floundering around, it probably means your goals aren't enough to be pulling you forward.
    You have to remember that, back when this was happening for me (summer 1990), we didn't have cell phones and the internet was just getting started. So plebe year at USNA was REALLY isolating. I think I had phone privs on weekends. I didn't get many letters. But I was (am) really outgoing, so it was HARD, only having informal contact with classmates. Even in my chain of command, upperclassmen and plebes had very formal relationships until Herndon. So, being in a home with two happy and well-adjusted adults, going to work every day, socializing with friends on the weekends - it was great.

    Like I said I never looked back. I figured out, for real, that I didn't want to be an officer in the USN. I didn't hate the place (well, any more than any other plebe!) and I loved my time there as much as one can. I just had a different idea of what I wanted to do in life.
    How I did? Broad question. You mean academically, mentally, socially? I'll take a stab at it, and if you have clarifying questions let me know.

    I did really well. I outprocessed right after Herndon at the end of May - I didn't mean to stay so long after the semester, but I put in my separation papers kind of late in the semester because I didn't want to get pulled out before I had completed. I knew where I would be in the fall (which college). All I had to do was figure out what to do over the summer, and a high-school friend's dad offered me a summer job and a spare room. (I've written elsewhere that my parents were not supportive of me attending USNA, so it's not that I wasn't welcome at home, it's just that I was worried about how awkward it would be.) I worked all summer and went to college that fall.

    (Part 2 to follow)
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