Feb 22, 2014
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    1. MammaMia
      Kayaker, was viewing this without being logged in and missed your message. I would say that Engineering + ROTC + club sport would be A LOT. Not sure how much Rodman adds to the time commitment. He should check into the club baseball team. (You can Google it - the club sports have websites.) Our DS is being recruited at Navy for soccer, and is considering UVa as a another option, also for engineering, and would try to play club soccer there - but the club soccer is better than some D-I programs (in fact some of the club players do walk on to the varsity team), and requires a significant time commitment (kind of a D-III level commitment from what we can tell). You're right - UVa's baseball team is very, very good, which means the club team is likely also very good. The club teams travel all over the country, play in tournaments with VIRGINIA on their chests, are funded by the university. It definitely is not a casual commitment - there are tryouts, workouts, games, travel. Good luck!
    2. kayaker
      Thank you for offering information about first year at UVa. DS is fairly laid back and undemanding, so we expect it to be a fairly easy transition. His older brother is a freshman at JMU, not far away. DS will be a Rodman Scholar, and we think he is going to take our advice to accept housing with the other "scholars." His friends have already found him a roommate, a family acquaintance who seems like a good fit if it works out. Our one little concern is that DS really loves baseball. He tried to get recruited but couldn't get the UVa (or USNA) coaches interested; UVa baseball is very high level. He hopes to play club, but how can he manage it all -- Rodman Scholar stuff (whatever that is), ROTC, and baseball? Interested in what your DD has to share about her experience.
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