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  • Hello Marciemi, congrats to your #2DS with his appointment to USNA and other college offers and waiting for the USAFA offer. We too have a older son attending USAFA class of 2013 and waiting patiently if DS#2 will be joining his brother at USAFA w/class of 2015. My question for you do you know if USAFA puts any weight into the equation of offering appointment if a older sibling is currently attending?? DS #2 online status application says competitive, has 3 noms from our state. Thanks for your help. Vicki
    We haven't heard from the B.G.O. to set up the interview or from anyone to set up the Medical Exam. Did you call somewhere to set up the exam? Interview?
    Hope you have a great visit with your family!
    My daughter attended NASS Session 2.
    What Company was your son in? Katie was in Charlie Company. She LOVED NASS!

    We are trying to figure things out.
    Has your son received passwords to begin the Candidate Application? Everyone Katie met at NASS received a letter a couple of weeks ago. She received a phone call today and was able to start the on-line application.

    Why would some kids get a letter weeks ago, some get a phone call, ...? Do you know if it is random as to how and when candidates are contacted?

    Thanks so much,
    Proud Mom
    Dear Sir: Thank you very much for all that you have done in being able to answer my questions regarding West Point and the West Point admissions process. You really pinpoint the answers, like you just did with my question about the National Waiting List and running at USMA. Thank you for all that you've done sir.
    Very sincerely and respectfully,
    Kevin Hinton Jr.
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