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    Summer Duty Message Drought

    Yep, they have to turn in their cell phones when they check in at AIM. They will have their cell phones from the time they arrive at the airport until they check in at the academy, so you will get a phone call from them to let you know they arrived safely. Typically the AAP staff who picks...
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    2010 USCGA Scholars Program

    Congratulations to all those selected for the scholars program and welcome to the Coast Guard family. We're so happy to have you :wink:
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    "The Wait List" Club.....

    Disey3, I'm thinking the admissions office probably doesn't want you to post their direct correspondence with your son so please don't feel like you have to do that. Remember, this is a public forum. We are all rooting for your family in hopes that the news is very good though:thumb:
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    "The Wait List" Club.....

    RPT1981, many congratulations to your DS on attending the USAFA.:thumb:
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    It's In The "Back Of My Mind"

    I remember a CGA parent telling me that the first time her son was flying home in his 4th class year (Thanksgiving), when he got on the small commuter plan, the pilot made an announcement, saying he wanted to let everyone know that there was an academy cadet on board proudly serving his country...
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    Graduation 2010

    Graduation went off without a hitch and even though the weather was overcast and threatened rain, it was held outside and the rain did not fall (okay maybe a few very light sprinkles). Even without electricity to most of the campus, you wouldn't have known that if you were a guest for...
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    Posting personal information

    Hi there everyone. I wanted to remind everyone posting on this forum that like anything else in the cyber world, you should not post any personal information such as your names and hometowns on any public forum. You really don't know who is reading these posts and there are a lot of creeps out...
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    Parents Weekend

    Hi Fairwinds. If you go to the Parent's Association website and go to the home page, scroll to the bottom and you will see the basic schedule that Parent's Weekend follows each year. :thumb:
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    Eagle Question

    Hence the term semper gumby:eek:
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    It's In The "Back Of My Mind"

    Tissues all around...Gosh Argos, that was truly touching:wink: My cadet is getting ready to graduate in a couple weeks and I still feel some of the sentiments expressed in the poem. I'm off to go blow my nose and dry my eyes. That was really wonderful, thanks.
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    Girl/Boyfriend & Rday

    I guess I didn't see a lot of girlfriends/boyfriends saying goodbye, just parents and siblings. Maybe there are but I reallly did not see that. Anyway, perhaps you could consider treating your son and his girlfriend to a really special night for them to say goodbye, the night before you leave...
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    Misc. questions

    There will be a large mail cart usually outside of Leamy on R-Day and parents may leave care packages in it for their swabs. You can leave a box of snacks or whatever in that cart. Avoid chocolate. It's usually hot and the cart is left in the sun. They are delivered later to Chase Hall to...
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    Misc. questions

    Forgot to mention that you should send what they normally use as far as toiletries and razors. They get a very limited amount of time for showering/dressing so probably using whatever they are used to is probably the best and fastest for them. I have always heard it is best to send a...
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    Misc. questions

    Hi there and congratulations. We used a laundry marker and put his last name on the bottom part of the toe of his socks so they are not in view at all. For the underwear/undershirst, we put the name inside the band. They are taught how to do laundry and given time to do laundry. I would send...
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    For the soon-to-be-swabs!

    Okay, can I re-phrase my last post!! If it is within your means to do so, try to go to parents weekend and see your 4/c. They will really be missing you by then :redface: