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    Can 2 kids from the same High School go to the Naval Academy the same year?

    One of my classmates in company went to the same high school as me. So yes, absolutely possible
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    Advice for New Plebe Sponsor

    During the first semester as a plebe you are right, there is such a huge demand on time that it was hard to see my sponsors. That's generally how I feel every Fall semester, that there is just so much going on and not enough time to just relax, even as I get more and more liberty every year...
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    Advice for New Plebe Sponsor

    My 2cents as a current mid This is based solely on my experiences as a mid, a rising firstie, having three years with my sponsors. My sponsors were new to the program, and I was the first, and so far only, mid they sponsored. I have had an AMAZING relationship with my sponsors. Whoever...
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    Major Choice

    I am currently doing a semester abroad in Egypt, wit an Aero Major and an Arabic Minor, so any questions your son about doing anything like tat, just let me know! :-)
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    dual citizenship

    I was told by NCIS, and the guy who helped me with this whole issue that the only reason I was going through it was due to needing Secret clearance in order to be commissioned as an officer in the USN. Plus you do several things that require you to have Secret clearance as a midshipman, go on a...
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    dual citizenship

    As someone who has dealt with this in the past two years as a current mid, let me explain the process. Plebe year before you get your Secret clearence (required for all officers) you will have an interview to explain your relationship with any foreign nationals in your family. After this you...
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    Chinese Restarants in Greater USNA area?

    I'm from NYC, and I can tell you there is a chinese resturant in the greater Annapolis area (as in, Edgewater) that is as good as Chinese food in NYC, and maybe even better. It's called Jack's Fortune. Not sure how familiar you are with the area, but I'll assume as a new plebe's parent you...
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    5th Company

    Ahhh, my current company. I can tell you, training sgt is a good friend of mine, and he's ready to kick some butt. The even years are always harder than the odd years, (08, 10, 12, 14, etc) but its better that way. Get ready for a hard year, since we don't really allow slacking, but if you do...
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    Pres. Obama Promise of an Extra Weekend of Liberty

    Your daughter can always ask her youngsters to ask her upper class. But like I said before, I doubt it would be given. President Obama said it would be given to returning members of the brigade, plebes are new members, not returning.
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    Pres. Obama Promise of an Extra Weekend of Liberty

    I would highly doubt it. Seeing how they werent even members of the brigade when he promised it, I don't see how it could apply.
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    No gymnastics team for women, but you can help manage teh team, and therefore train with them. But women cannt compete, there just isnt enough interest to start a varsity gymnastics team for women
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    Where to take the CFA?

    My gym teacher administered it to me at school.
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    Greatest Challenge at Academy

    Mine was having to take lip from people who were only in charge of me because they were three years older then me, I have no problem with authority, just with those who IMO abuse it. But I've gotten better, lol
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    Sponsor Family

    Just an added thing from a former plebe, sponsers are the absolute best. Home cooked meals, meals from resturants, a place to wear civies (just dont go out in them) and a nice bed to crash on, its amazing.
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    N company 25 platoon

    You have interaction with people in your sister company. Especially if you are a girl, you tend to go to the barbershop as a group with no detailers and the same thing for getting uniforms fitted, so you have a quick couple of minutes to chat and get to know each other. I don't know much about...