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    CFA -> PFT (?)

    All right, thanks for the info!
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    CFA -> PFT (?)

    I hopped on the ROTC application a bit later than others, I think, but I just wanted to check something. Can I use my USMA CFA for my AROTC PFT? By having my R/C send them to the ROTC command or something like that?
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    Girls/Boys State QnA!

    I went to Illinois Boys State. There wasn't really any application process for me, I just talked to one of my teachers and was put in contact with the AL post. If any Illinois/Chicago peoples have any questions feel free to send me a message.
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    What More Can I Do To Make Myself More Competitive? Tips?

    Regarding the SAT test scores. One thing that really helped me boost my scores (a boost of over 100 points) was doing the Khan Academy test prep. You can link your college board account to Khan Academy through the college board website allowing Khan Academy to view your test scores and...
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    Nut allergy DQ?

    Hey @LTMOM . I'm an applicant to USMA 2023 with a pretty similar case. I just had all my initial exams completed and am going to be going through the waiver process, most likely. I don't have much info to offer you now other than the reassurance that others are in the same boat. When things...
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    Food Allergy USMA - How to be proactive

    @18Hopeful @orbornmom Thank you for your insight!
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    Food Allergy USMA - How to be proactive

    Hi all, I am hoping that I can find some guidance/advice on how to be proactive with the DoDMERB waiver/rebuttal process. I have an allergy to Brazil Nuts. I've only ever had one reaction (when I was 5) and have not had any issues since. The reaction, however, was deemed to be anaphylactic. I...
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    CFA Events/Competition?

    Firstly just want to say - We the People!! I'm currently doing the program at my high school and its super fun to see someone else out there doing it. A lot of the other tips contain good advice, doing pushups and pullups often (before bed or after waking up) is a great way to improve. That...
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    Grades slipped, concerned about how I'll look on transcript

    I had a situation somewhat similar to yours first semester sophomore year. I've definitely felt the mental health aspect of the application process, it's kind of a slog to get through it all. Huge props to you for handling it all and moving forward. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want (I was...
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    SLE Clothing

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    SLE Clothing

    Just to check - is there any benefit to bringing extra shirts? Or would they rather us wear the shirts and polos provided?
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    SLE Admission Status 2018

    I got my acceptance notice yesterday. Session 1!
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    Scheduling a visit

    Try calling admissions, I also wasn't able to schedule a visit through the website and had to do it through phone.
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    Significance of departmental honors

    Anyone have an idea of the significance of high school departmental honors for the West Point application? In my case I've earned history honors Freshman and Sophomore year.
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    Which ROTC most likely to give tree nut DODMERB waiver?

    In my own case it is an anaphylactic reaction, however I am not particularly sensitive to Brazil Nuts (i.e. before I was diagnosed with an allergy I would eat out of a mixed can of nuts where Brazil Nuts were present).