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    Lasik // Eye Surgery at the Academy

    Hi. I was just wandering (sorry if this was posted before) but, does the Air Force Academy allow laser eye surgery for those in their junior year at the academy? I know that USNA does it, and so it opens up alot of flying opportunities. Does USAFA do the same?
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    Eye Waiver

    Just a question, how often are eye waivers given out? The only thing that's keeping me from being tripled qualified are my eyes. I have a soft disqualification, a -2.50 in each eye. Got my nomination, got my letter saying I'm scholastically qualified, and I'm pretty sure I'm well fit (met at...
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    NROTC - How does a recruiter help?

    my regional director for the NROTC helped me out quite a bit. he helped me fill out the online application, told me where my weak and strong points were in the application. he also helped me with the essay questions, well, he actually told me they should be addressed more like just questions. he...
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    my friend applied to usafa last year. he took some kind of antidepressant a year or two prior to applying. he was disqualified. i'm not sure if he went through the waiver process and everything, but he didn't get in. i'm really not sure what your case is, i'm just giving you a heads up. gluck...
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    F-14 Retirement

    Hi guys. Sorry if this is a stupid or old question, but I was just wondering, since they are retiring the F-14, what will happen to the NFOs (the RIOs acutally)? I know they are replacing the F-14 with the F/A-18E Super Hornet which is only a one seater. However, there is still the F/A-18F which...
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    Hey guys. Okay, on the Dodmerb site (, It showed that they have recieved my papers from my optical exam. Well, before the exam was processed, I didn't type in the dates of my scheduled appointments. Reason being is that I didn't know when I was going to do my medical...